Legendary Heroes

Every now and then I find an anime I can’t live without. In the past it was KAZE NO STIGMA, ITA ZURA NO KISS, PSYCHIC DETECTIVE, DARKER THAN BLACK, BLACK LAGOON, HARUHI SUZUMIYA (all pieces), GHOST HUNT, SHIKI, REQUIEM FOR THE PHANTOM, etc. I got one hell of a list.

The most recent is a beautiful anime with a story that isn’t finished. Not by a long shot is this thing over. And after seeing it, I think anyone would agree that more than halfway through, either the production company gave up, or the writer(s) did.

In Legend of the Legendary Heroes we discover there are 5 Stigmas, or Magic Eyes. The most powerful, the most dangerous and the most common, is the Alpha Stigma. This curse gives the bearer the ability to analyze any magic and redirect it back without having any former knowledge of that magic. The problem with this particular Eye is that if the bearer loses control, and they always do, they go insane and began destroying the world. It’s said the Bearer never comes back from that insanity and has to be destroyed.

Enter Ryner Lute, the most powerful magician to walk the kingdoms, and an Alpha Stigma Bearer. Kazuma Yagami had always been my hero of  choice in an anime, until I found Ryner Lute. Why? Ryner has one beautifully redeeming quality that is also his biggest downfall.

He’s not an ass.

One thing I’ve noticed in most anime badasses is their over reaching egos. Ryner…would rather take a nap. Seriously. He’s got to be laziest magician in the world. And most of it comes from his own knowledge of his Stigma’s curse. He’d rather nap all day and night and not worry about the stupid problems of man—because if he naps, he’s not hurting anyone.

But time and again Ryner’s drawn (threatened) into battle, unable to let himself really care about anyone else for fear of hurting them.

A huge difference we see with Ryner, and a fact that is revealed just before halfway through, is that  he’s not like any other Alpha Stigma. He’s actually lost control—and come back—though usually after he’s just about killed everything and everyone in the wake of that madness. Ryner views himself as a monster.

So does everyone else except the companion the King (Ryner’s alleged best friend) assigns to him. Dongo-obssessed Ferris Aris is a swordswoman from the House of Aris, a noble family known to produce the finest swordsmen in the Kingdom. Ferris’ constant picking on him (she calls him a pervert any chance she can get) hides a much deeper care for him, something we see towards the end. And when he loses control around her when the madness is forced on him…

It’s Ferris that pulls him back, and Ferris that assures him he’s not a monster.

I highly—HIGHLY—recommend Legendary Heroes for anyone that loves magic, sword and sorcery, and one hell of a hero and heroine team. I just wish they’d have finished the damn story. -.-

I also recommend watching the English Dubbed version. Funimation did a kick ass job fixing the story so it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the original. And Ian Sinclair does his best work as Ryner Lute!

Best note ever about this anime? There’s not a panty shot in the whole thing. Huzah!



I’m a huge Adam Lambert fan. And I have to say…in this shot, he could be a seriously wicked kick ass Anime villain. Am I right?!?!

Gifted People Out There! SHIKI

Salutations. I know. Long time no post. Well real life and all that. And I’ve been writing and watching a ton of anime as usual. Got Anime Weekend Atlanta coming up at the end of the month and I’m excited about it.

Now…I happened on this today and was just amazed. I know I’ve posted on here before about my love of the anime SHIKI—and how it’s a really good old fashioned vampire story. No SparklePires, no schmexy vamp detectives. Just real horror.

Well some really talented Cosplayers got together and made one heck of a promotional for a SHIKI tv show using cosplay costumes! And it’s INCREDIBLE.

Here’s the scene comparison that made me holler!

Original then from the video. EXCELLENT!