Phantom Obssesion

I am completely obsessed with this anime now. Kind of like I was with Darker Than Black and Black Lagoon. Only this one’s already more tragic than those two. Zwei *Reiji Azuma* is what I consider the perfect male hero. He’s a killer, but he was forced into it, and then when his past is revealed to him, he realizes he can never go back to it. He’s killed too many people.

I’m now on the second season and I already found a spoiler I wished I hadn’t seen. *sniff* Because that’s just going to make Reiji even more tragic for me. Story, quality animation, great characterization, and excellent voice actors.

This one is definitely going on the MUST BUY shelf. ASAP.


Requiem For The Phantom

Why is it that the animes I always avoid seeing, are the ones I end up loving the most? It was that way with Clannad, FMA (first incarnation), and Black Lagoon. Same will be said for Requiem For The Phantom.

I realized I bought this anime movie in one of those $5 bins a while back and sort of “banked” it on my shelf. Looking for something to watch between 2K writing sessions (I write in word sprints) and thinking Oh I’ll just pop this in and watch about 30 mintues and get bored.

O.M.G. I had no real idea what this was… and it took my attention. I’m only on ep. 5 but I don’t wanna stop. A young man is kidnapped, his memory wiped, and trained to be an assassin. In his heart he feels trapped, that he has no choice because he can’t remember who he is—he only knows he is called Zwei. And she, his trainer, is called Ein. She was also memory wiped and trained the same way. The company responsible is called Inferno, and Ein, and now Zwei, are called Phantoms—the best of the best.

I think what intrigued me most is that Zwei is a natural to it—that one of Ein’s internal thoughts about him is~

The same path…the path that took me two years to complete…only took him three months.

It. Is. Awesome.


Did it again, didn’t I? Got behind.

Well, I will say after Orphen, I got lost in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


I was honestly wondering up until episode 12 — Why in the hell had they re-animated this? I mean, I thought it was just a weird rehash of the first version, of which I loved.

Then we watched episode 13 or so—and the damn thing went LEFT on me!! OMG. We are so hooked on it—I swear! This is better than the first one!